Mobile payment at the pump using apps

There are various payment methods available for fueling up at the pump using mobile apps as well as voice-powered payments. Here are a few commonly used options:

Mobile Payment Apps

Many gas stations and fuel retailers have their own mobile apps that allow customers to make payments directly from their smartphones.

General Mobile Wallets

Popular mobile wallet apps can often be used for fuel purchases.

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay at the pump
  • Samsung Smartwatches at the pump
  • PayPal

Scanning a QR code or “Tap & Pay”

Use your smartphone to make payments at the pump by simply tapping the device on the universal contactless symbol or scanning a QR code.

Fuel Retailer-Specific Apps

Some major fuel retailers have their own dedicated mobile apps that facilitate payments at the pump.

Fleet Card Apps

If you are using a fleet card or commercial fuel card for your vehicle, there may be associated mobile apps provided by the card issuer.

Voice-powered payments at the pump

More ways to use contactless payments at the pump. Now, customers can pay with Amazon Alexa at the pump from the comfort of the vehicle.

However, please note that the availability of specific payment apps may vary depending on your location and the gas stations you visit.

Offline maps on mobile devices

Access maps and navigation features without an active internet connection.

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