Find a lost device using a Google account

The following steps describe how to locate a lost or stolen Android device such as:

  • Smartphones
  • Tables

From a different device

  • Log into your Google account through a different device
  • Go to the option “Manage your Google account”
  • Click on the option “Security”
  • Scroll down to the option “Your devices”
  • Click on the option “Find a lost device”
  • Select what devices you need to locate.
  • See the android device on a Google map. If current location is not available, you will see the last known location.

After the procedure described above you can remotely:

  • See battery status
  • See network information
  • Play a sound
  • Secure your device if the lock screen is not active.
  • Set a password remotely, and lock it until the device is found.
  • Delete all personal information and data stored in the lost android device.
  • Lock it with a custom message shown on the lost android device, such as your name and contact number.
  • Get driving directions to your android device using Google Maps.

More options
If it is possible, you can install the Google Find My Device app from the Google Play Store, on the current device where this procedure is being done. Make sure to switch to your current Google account.

Get driving directions with offline maps

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