Samsung Pay at the ATM

Customers can access ATMs using Samsung Pay at many banks in the United States.

The following steps describe how to use Samsung Pay at the ATM

  • Check if Samsung Pay is available on the Samsung device.
  • Have the latest software update of Samsung Pay installed
  • Make sure Samsung Pay is the default payment app on the Samsung mobile device.
  • At the ATM, open Samsung Pay.
  • Select the desired debit card from Samsung Pay
  • Hold the Samsung device over the “Contactless Symbol” at the ATM.
  • Enter the pin number associated with the debit card.

Now customers can perform banking operations with the ATM as usual such as:

  • Money withdrawal
  • Check balances

The receipt for the transaction will be available as:

  • The traditional paper receipt or it can be sent to the email address associated with the bank account.

Locate a bank supporting Samsung Pay at the ATM near me

Locate Banks supporting Samsung Pay at the ATM via offiline maps

Samsung Pay is not working

There are a few reasons the digital wallet Samsung Pay is not working:

  • NFC (Near Field Communication) and Payment option is disabled on the mobile device.
  • Some Apps such as Omron Connect featuring EKG devices, will also disable the NFC and Payment option on the mobile device.
  • Other reasons

Feedback to banks

Samsung Pay at the ATM is a great tool, during the Covid-19 pandemic going on around the world. However, customers must physically touch the ATM to enter the pin number and perform banking operations.

It would be great if banks would allow, customers to go “100 % contactless banking operations at the ATM” using mobile devices, where the only contact with the ATM would be with the cash.

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