PayPal is an online payment processor which allows users to make online transactions using a PayPal account and password and without exposing financial information.

PayPal users can:

  • Make online payments
  • Send and receive money for family and friends
  • Send and receive money abroad
  • Send and receive donations
  • Set up automatic payments for services and subscriptions such as Netflix
  • Purchase or sell goods
  • Set up a merchant account for businesses

PayPal app

Users can manage PayPal accounts thru mobile devices by:

Digital wallets

The following digital wallets can connect to PayPal:

PayPal users can make payments thru digital wallets on mobile devices

  • In-app
  • In-store
  • Online
  • At the pump

PayPal payment methods

  • Debit and credit cards
  • Bank account
  • Rewards balance
  • PayPal Credit
  • PayPal Cash
  • PayPal Cash Plus

PayPal receipts

Receipts for each PayPal transaction will be available in the “Your Activity” section of the PayPal account.


PayPal users can support their favorite charity via their PayPal account, such as:

  • California Wildfires Relief (2019)

PayPal contact information

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