Samsung Smartwatches at the pump

Paying for fuel using Samsung Pay at the pump is made even easier with the use of Samsung Smartwatches. Here’s how to do it:

The following steps describe how to pay with Samsung Pay at the pump using Samsung Smartwatches.

  • Check if Samsung Pay is available on the Samsung Smartwatch.
  • Have the latest software update of Samsung Pay installed on the Samsung Smartwatch.
  • Set up Samsung Pay as the payment method on the Samsung Smartwatch.
  • At the gas station, select the desired pump number.
  • Open Samsung Pay on the Samsung Smartwatch. For verification purposes, such option will require to enter the PIN associated with the Samsung account.
  • Pick the credit card or debit card payment method from Samsung Pay on the Samsung Smartwatch. Such a step might ask for the zip code associated with the selected payment method.
  • At the pump, look for the “Tap & Pay” option and hold the Samsung Smartwatch over the “Contactless Symbol” on the pump.
  • Select the desired fuel and start pumping.
  • The receipt for the transaction will be available as the traditional paper receipt. Samsung Pay on smartwatches does not show the receipt for purchases.

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Additional information

Samsung Pay at the pump using Samsung Smartwatches does not:

  • Import the payment methods already installed on the Samsung Smartphone
  • Issue electronic receipts as Samsung Pay on smartphones
  • Find gas stations available in the area
  • Show driving directions to gas stations
  • Show options for the car wash prompt
  • Use fuel apps

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