BPme app at the pump

The following steps describe how to pay for fuel using the BPme app at the pump:

  1. Download the BPme app from the Google Play Store
  2. Sign up with an email account or with a PayPal account.
  3. Set the preferred payment method within the BPme app in the menu options. BPme payment methods vary according to consumer preferences. BPme app accepts PayPal to pay for fuel at the pump.
  4. Select the pump number at the gas station.
  5. Open the BPme application and follow the prompts within the app. The selected pump number from step 4 and the pump within the BPme app must match.
  6. Choose the preferred payment method.
  7. Enjoy the comfort while pumping fuel.
  8. The receipt of each transaction will be available in the history section of the BPme app.

Additional information about the BPme app

In the configuration options, users can enable:

  • Log-in with a passcode (allows customers to sign-in using the passcode registered within the BPme App)

In the menu options, users can:

  • Find the BP or Amoco gas stations available in the area
  • Get driving directions to gas stations using Google maps
  • See receipts for each transaction
  • Add more payment methods to pay for fuel with the BPme App, such as debit cards and credit cards
  • See the BPme rewards
  • See offers

BP gas station locator

Locate BP gas stations with offline maps near me

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