Samsung Pay at the pump

Samsung Pay is a digital wallet service that allows you to make contactless payments using your Samsung device at various merchants, including gas stations. Here’s how you can use Samsung Pay at the pump:

Set up Samsung Pay

Download and install the Samsung Pay app from the Google Play Store (for Android devices) or Galaxy Store (for Samsung devices). Follow the instructions to add your eligible payment cards to Samsung Pay.

Approach the gas pump

Once you arrive at a gas station, choose a pump and follow the instructions provided. Make sure to select the option to pay at the pump rather than going inside to pay.

Launch Samsung Pay

Open Samsung Pay on your device by swiping up from the home screen (or from the lock screen) or by selecting the Samsung Pay app from your app drawer.

Authenticate payment

Use your device’s biometric authentication method (fingerprint, face recognition, or iris scan) or enter your PIN to verify and authenticate the payment.

Tap and pay

Hold your device near the contactless payment terminal on the gas pump, ensuring it’s within range.

Gas stations that accept Samsung Pay using Tap and Pay

  • BP gas stations
  • Exxon and Mobil service stations

Apps from the Google Play Store accept Samsung Pay as a payment method to pay for gas

Samsung Payment methods

Add a payment method to the digital wallet Samsung Pay, such as debit and credit cards from banks and credit unions:

  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • PayPal

Locate gas stations that accept Samsung Pay near me:

Locate gas stations with offline maps near me:

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